One of the most talked about innovations in renewing youthful skin is the Cutera® Pearl Laser. Clinically proven to reduce fine lines, eliminate dark spots, improve skin tone and texture in one-to-two treatments, the Pearl Laser provides a quick-recovery alternative to surgery and other aggressive procedures.

“With the Pearl, our patients see the results in just 3-4 days after their treatment,” said Sarah Humphrey, Aesthetician at Bella MD Laser Vein & Aesthetic Center in University Park. “The skin is so much smoother and fresher looking after this procedure.”

According to Humphrey, wrinkles aren’t the only thing that makes us look older.  Blotchy, uneven and dull skin can add up to 20 years to your apparent age even if your face isn’t lined or sagging. Age spots from sun damage, scars from old pimples or cuts, brown patches from hormone changes (Melasma) are a part of growing older, which is why removing them makes such a huge impact on perceived age.

The Pearl Laser is a new generation of minimally invasive laser that uses a unique wavelength to safely remove a layer of old, damaged skin. This is achieved with only one or two 20-minute treatments. “Down time is only three-to-four days – much shorter than the weeks-to-months we used to see with other laser treatments like the Erbium,” notes Humphrey. “The pain is also less and over quicker than a deep peel.”

While a wide range of people find the Pearl Laser effective, it is not for everyone. Darker skin types can’t be treated. Some patients’ skin issues may require deeper treatment.

“If you are considering Pearl Laser, be sure to find a physician’s office that specializes in Pearl Laser and that will examine your face medically,” adds Humphrey. “You want to be sure to ask a lot of questions first and talk about your skin. Know what to expect.

“Find out if your provider is experienced. Most of the complaints you see on the Internet about laser treatments of all kinds including Pearl, are because the person holding the laser was inexperienced.”

Bella MD Laser Vein & Aesthetic Center has been providing Pearl Laser treatments since 2007 and was the first in Texas to offer Pearl Laser Resurfacing. Unlike many spas in the area, Bella is owned by a medical doctor who makes sure that all procedures including the Pearl Laser are administered properly.

Conveniently located near SMU, special discounts are available for SMU faculty and students with ID. Call today for a consultation. 

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