As hot summer temperatures are getting ready to appear in North Texas, along with high temps come shorts, bathing suits, flip-flops and tropical vacations. Summer should be a carefree, relaxing season, however, it is often a time for insecurities for people who have spider veins. But there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Instead, learn about treatment options at Bella MD Laser Vein & Aesthetic Center so you will be prepared for summer weather.

Spider veins, like varicose veins, are caused by dysfunctional vein valves. However, spider veins appear as blue or red veins just under the surface of the skin. Spider veins can be caused by prolonged standing, obesity, age, and many other factors.

Though spider veins are not inherently dangerous, they can be accompanied by itching or burning feelings and may be a sign of a backup of blood deeper below the skin.

To treat the visible effects of spider veins, Bella MD offers sclerotherapy procedures to patients. Sclerotherapy is a common, safe treatment for spider veins and is performed at Bella MD by Amy Rodgers, RN.

During the procedure, a liquid sclerosing agent is injected into the vein, causing vein walls to seal shut. This causes blood flow through the vein to stop. The vein then clots and eventually diminishes into the body.

Often, just one or two sclerotherapy treatments are needed. Other cases may require several appointments with a four to six week space between treatments. Typically, treatment takes between 30 to 45 minutes and is essentially painless.

Sclerotherapy requires no anesthesia or downtime, and patients can return to normal activity immediately after treatment. Patients will need to wear a compression stocking for a few days following their appointment to speed healing and reduce swelling. 

If you’re looking to get summer-ready skin and get rid of spider veins, make your appointment today. Throughout the month of March, Bella MD patients will receive 15 percent off the price of all sclerotherapy treatments. Schedule your appointment by calling 214-431-4175 or visit for more information.

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