The Asian Culture and Education Society USA provided 100 meals and PPE to the VA North Texas Health Care System Emergency Department for frontline health workers on the memorial holiday weekend. Panda Express supported this effort.

 This is one of the many events that are being celebrated in a hundred cities across all 50 states during May, as part of the United Chinese Americans “Food of Love Day”. The United Chinese American DFW youth council and Asian Culture and Education Society youth council organized the memorial  “Food of Love Day”.  We would like to say thank you to our youth volunteers: Samuel Wu, Jingying Alice Cao, Renyi Richard Cao, Joan Ye, Jessica Wu, Zack Yang, Maddock Zhang, Tiffany Zhang, Jennifer Hou, Katherine Chang, and Joseph Hou. They have been raising money on gofundme, baking cookies, designing flyers, and working hard to show love to VA hospital frontline health workers. VA hospital worker James Calhoun (Army Veteran) Wood Badge 129 (Beaver) appreciates the youth generosity and support! 

"Panda Express will try hard to support the food of love day" said Panda Express manager Joshua Hou in Allen. He chose to support and prepare food for VA Hospital frontline health workers on the same day as his birthday. 

Samuel Wu, a St. Mark's School of Texas student, led this project. "Youth is our future. I am so proud to see Sam, our youth leadership council founding member, taking the lead helping out with the relief efforts. Job well done!” said the United Chinese American President, Haipei Shue, in Washington DC. 

 This is not the end of the story. The president of the Asian Culture and Education Society USA, Jan Xie, left her two DSLR cameras outside the Panda Express restaurant which made the food for VA hospital frontline health workers. When she arrived at the VA hospital in Dallas and started looking for her cameras in her car, she received a phone call from police officer Mark Smajstria who informed her that the cameras had been found. “I appreciate Mark and Joshua. They really made my day. The price of those cameras was over ten thousand dollars. More valuable were the six thousand pictures on the memory card" said Jan Xie. Police officer Mark said, "The food of love" is a great project!” Gendap President Beverly Hill, Jing Zhang, and Luke Wu were also volunteers who helped out at this event.

 Asian Culture and Education Society USA started collecting PPE and donating to people working on the front lines since the beginning of the pandemic. They will continue their efforts with the Chinese American Community to provide relief and charitable support to people and institutions hit hardest by COVID-19. 


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