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On June 18th, the second summer camp of the Asian Cultural and Education Society USA ended successfully. The first summer camp was a discussion of parent-child relationships, leadership training, social skills,  and a comparison of career choices, and the second period was the wishes of the first period students. While making friends and learning Chinese history and culture, every child actively participated in activities. They learned how to write calligraphy, cut window grilles, make dumplings, and make zongzi, but they also learned to speak boldly, showcase their talents, cooperate with each other, and improve their leadership.

On that day, Jan Xie, President of the Asian Culture and Education Society USA, and Zhongping Pan, director, led the youth leadership team to donate $300 raised from selling cookies and Zongzi to teenage mothers in Uganda to help them return to school for education. The president of GENDAP, Beverly Hill, accepted the check on behalf of the cooperative group in Uganda. She was touched and said: Your group of ACAESUSA students are so generous and compassionate.  I was inspired and touched that they would bake cookies to fundraise for the girls in Uganda. Please tell them how grateful I am and how this will brighten the future for these girls.  It will really change their lives.The students who participated in this fundraising activity include Shivalika, Serene, Richard, Jessica, Samuel, Emily, Amy, Andrew, and Jeff. They participated in the activities and in making dumplings and zongzi with love. Coupled with baking cookies, fund-raising was our gift to the teenage girls’ who cannot afford to go to school because of poverty.

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