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Jack and Roberta Williamson.

Members from the Dallas medical community, along with friends and supporters of the Arthritis Foundation, recently gathered at the Highland Park estate of Amy and Malone Mitchell for organization’s Salon Series titled “Breaking Science; Breaking Silence.”  The VIP reception featured presenters Stanley C. Jones, MD, Director of Spine Care Services, Memorial  Hermann Hospital in Houston, and Premanjali Lahiri, Stem Cell Manufacturing Technician at Celltex Therapeutics . They were joined by Celltex Therapeuticsrepresentatives David G. Eller, Chairman CEO, and Madison Mauze, VP Business Development, Celltex Therapeutics.   

The Salon Series drew a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to ensuring that children, young adults and families suffering daily arthritis pain are empowered to live better, more productive and fulfilled lives.  With the support of these dedicated local advocates, scientist move closer to finding a cure and arthritis sufferers are better able to take charge of their health and control their disease. 

The quarterly presentation also gave participants an opportunity to ask tough questions about innovative therapies in the fight against arthritis. Wednesday’s event was an engaging conversation around the groundbreaking advancements in adult stem cell research that might lead to new possibilities in treatments and therapies for arthritis patients.  One inspired guest commented, “In all the time I have been involved with the Arthritis Foundation, this is the first research presented that gives me hope for my disease.”

Today, arthritis remains the leading cause of disability in the U.S., robbing one in five adults and 300,000 children of living life to its fullest because of oftentimes debilitating pain. This includes 3.9 million adults and 25,000 children across Texas who struggle every day with this serious health epidemic.  Unless this trend is reversed, by 2030 an estimated 67 million Americans will suffer from arthritis. 

During the reception, attendees also learned that the future is full of inspiring new strategies, programs and tools supported by the Arthritis Foundation to help stop this disease from crippling our nation even further.  Other participants at the Arthritis Foundation’s Salon Series: “Breaking Science; Breaking Silence” included: Nicki Gonzalez, Arthritis Foundation Community Leadership Council Member and Shelley Tims, Director of Community Advancement, Arthritis Foundation South Central Region.  Hosts for the Arthritis Foundation Salon Series were: Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Sampson; Dr. and Mrs. Brian McAulay; Nancy M. O’Neil and John Q. Stilwell. 

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About Arthritis Foundation
The Arthritis Foundation ( is the largest and most trusted nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the needs and challenges of those living with arthritis, the nation's leading cause of disability. Since 1948, the Foundation has remained committed to leading groundbreaking research for better treatments and a cure; fighting for patients' access to affordable and effective health care; and providing trusted information and resources to the more than 50 million adults and 300,000 children living with the disease.

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