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If you are someone (like me) who can eat Tex-Mex at any time of day, you should probably know of a few places that make awesome breakfast tacos. Thankfully, we have some pretty great options in the DFW area, so make sure to visit some of these places this summer when you need a breakfast taco fix.

Mariana’s Taco Shop

Mariana’s Taco Shop in Frisco is as authentic as you can get! It is high-quality Mexican food that you know is fresh and delicious. Their all-day menu is expansive, but the breakfast taco options alone are impressive. You can have tacos with bacon, chorizo, eggs, and beans. There is also a huevos rancheros option and several burrito choices if you are looking for something a little heartier.

Crush Taco

Crush Taco is now serving breakfast tacos! This restaurant is also in Frisco and is located off Dallas Parkway. They already specialized in delicious gourmet tacos – now they have added breakfast tacos to the mix. Crush opened their first and only location in 2016 and have received rave reviews since then. This place cannot be recommended enough!

Daddy’s Tacos

Daddy’s Tacos in McKinney is another great option for a savory breakfast taco. They have a menu with premade taco and burrito options, but you can also make your own if you prefer. Their location in McKinney is their first, and they have become a staple in the town. Definitely check them out!

Rusty Taco

Rusty Taco originated in downtown Dallas, and they now have 14 locations across the state. In the Dallas-Fort Worth region, there are three in Dallas proper, two in Fort Worth, one in Denton, one in Hurst, and one in Plano. It is a chain, but if you are looking for an exceptional taco, this place does not disappoint. There are eight different breakfast tacos that are all great!

Torchy’s Tacos

This classic Austin, TX chain practically needs no introduction; it offers what are easily some of the best tacos around, breakfast and otherwise. There are 13 locations in the Metroplex, and they’re a classic place to start your day.

Living in an area like DFW, we have a lot of options for delicious Tex-Mex. We’re lucky! Let us know your favorite breakfast taco spot in the comments!

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