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t’s that time of the summer! Everyone is getting ready for school, and new high school grads are getting ready to leave home for the first time and move away to college. It can be crazy in the midst of all of the packing and shopping, but here are some miscellaneous things I know I wish I’d remembered to pack before I left home.

Sleep Mask

If it’s your freshman year, it’s likely you are going to be in a dorm room setup where you’re sharing your living space with a roommate. If you want to go to bed and they’re determined to study at their desk in the dorm, a sleep mask comes in handy to block out their light!


Earplugs also come in handy during a late night study session. Ear plugs are also super useful if you’re on a floor with people who can be a little inconsiderate at 2 a.m. You need your rest!

Bed Rest 

These are the soft, supportive pillows that help you sit upright comfortably in bed if you need a break from sitting at your stiff desk. They’re also cozy if you want to read or catch up on your Netflix shows!

Smaller Mirror

If you’re a girl and you’re sharing a communal bathroom with the rest of your floor, odds are, the bathroom is going to get pretty crowded in the morning. I highly recommend getting a standalone mirror so you can sit at your desk and do your makeup – it was much easier for me!

Power Strips

If you are in an older dorm, you probably aren’t going to have many outlets to use. Power strips are super helpful! Look closely though at your dorm guidelines, as you may only be able to use the two-pronged ones because that’s all the outlet can handle.

Stain Remover

For many people, college is their first time to add laundry to their personal chore list, and knowing all the necessary components may be difficult. Sometimes laundry detergent just isn’t enough. I vividly remember doing laundry after spilling on a shirt of mine, and I realized I didn’t have any sort of stain remover. It was very inconvenient, to say the least, and I never got the mark out.

Do you have any other can’t-live-without items in your dorm room? Let us know in the comments!

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