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It's summertime in Texas. One thing's for sure: when it gets to be mid-season, there are some days where it's just plain miserable. But, there are fun ways to make these extremely hot days go by a whole lot quicker. The best part? You don't even have to leave the Dallas area to do it. Here are five ways to beat the heat this summer of 2018:

Spending a day at the lake.

In the Dallas area, there are several incredible lakes that you and your family can easily go to for the day. The first is Lake Grapevine in Grapevine, Texas, which has eight parks spread around it to go to. At this lake, you can swim, boat, rent canoes, camp under the stars, fish, and even rent a cabin.

Lake Ray Roberts is the second, located in Pilot Point. This is also a beautiful lake with great beaches and similar amenities, including the fantastic Lone Star Lodge where you can stay for a night or two.

Lake Lewisville is another popular lake destination in Dallas. With 15 parks, you are definitely not short of choices to park yourselves for the afternoon. There are a ton of options to spend the day on the water, as well as six campsites, three golf courses, and plenty of places to eat.

Watching the World Cup at a sports bar.

People everywhere are talking about the FIFA World Cup. How their teams are doing, who's playing when, and their predictions about who's going to win. How fun would it be to spend an afternoon game in an air-conditioned sports bar? Take advantage and hang with your fellow fans, eat delicious game day food, and, if of-age, drink a beer or two!

Touring a Dallas-based brewery.

Once again, if you are of-age, Dallas has a fantastic beer scene. A fun way to spend an afternoon if you're interested in how beer is made is touring a brewery. It's a fascinating process, and more often than not, you'll have an opportunity to sample some. Check out Community Beer Co.Deep Ellum Brewing Company, and Four Corners Brewing Co., to name a few.

Ice cream! And other cold, sweet treats.

When I was little, my best memories of summer often involved ice cream at some point. There's no better way to unwind and cool down than with something sweet. There are also a lot of unique places in DFW, like the nostalgic Highland Park Soda FountainSteel City Pops for awesome popsicles, and the Snow Cone Lady.

Cook out with friends and family.

This is especially fun if you have a pool. Otherwise, it's just as fun with margaritas, barbecue, and good company. Use the heat as an excuse to spend time with great people in your life.

How will you beat the heat this summer? Give us your recommendations in the comments! 

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