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I can say with 100% certainty that bringing a furry friend into your home is one of the best things you will ever do! My dogs at home are members of the family and bring so much joy to our lives every day. My family and I are also fervent rescue advocates, and we always encourage people to join in the “adopt, don’t shop” movement that is all about giving pups a second chance versus buying from a breeder or pet store. Here are rescues located around the Dallas-Fort Worth area that serve as great places to start the search for your new family member.

Lone Star Dog Ranch Rescue

Located in Anna, Texas, this family operation cannot be spoken of highly enough. I can personally vouch for this; my rescues have come from there and I love them with all my heart! Lone Star Dog Ranch Rescue was started by Renee Eden, and since its founding, it has grown vastly in dogs, volunteers, and has attained an extensive social media following nationwide. Eden, members of her family, and select volunteers rescue and rehome dogs from some of the poorest conditions imaginable, like puppy mills, overcrowded shelters, and other beyond. They pay veterinary care, including treatment for infections, heartworms and cancer, which can be expensive if the animals have not been properly cared for previously. Dogs often have to be spayed and neutered, too. Once they have been treated and are good to go, animals are put up for adoption and given loving, forever homes. These are wonderful animals that appreciate their second lease on life and will show you and your family that appreciation and love. You can read more about the incredible people at Lone Star and what they do here.

Dallas DogRRR

Dallas DogRRR is also a top-notch organization that bases their mission on three “Rs:” Rescue, Rehab and Reform. They save dogs that are in the worst condition when they are found, give them all the medical care and attention they need, and find them a new home. This is a volunteer organization made up of generous, selfless people dedicated to saving as many animals as they can. Check out their website, look at the unbelievable before and after photos, and peruse all the sweet dogs that can’t wait to meet you.

DFW Humane Society

You cannot go wrong with the local humane society for our area. DFW Humane Society is a nonprofit and no-kill shelter, which means they will never euthanize no matter how many animals they receive. It is appalling how many animals are dropped off weekly, but the team there cares for them the best they can despite the sad circumstances. The DFW Humane Society houses both dogs and cats, and coming up on August 18, all adoption fees are being waived. If you’re searching for a new member of the family, the DFW Humane Society is a good place to start!

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