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Serious cooks, or those serious about learning how, won't want to miss these four-hour in-depth "up close and personal" sessions where you learn not just the hows of cooking, but also the why's. Chef André will share with you much more than recipes. You'll get the tips and secrets gleaned over a lifetime as a food lover and chef. His stories and wit are as delicious as his food. After a day in the kitchen with Chef Andre, you'll have the knowledge to create culinary delights that will impress not only your own palate, but your family and friends, too!

Born and raised in the Pyrenees region of Southwestern France, André got his start as a 13-year-old apprentice at the Auberge du Panache Blanc. After stints in Paris, Spain, Switzerland, and the Caribbean, he moved to the United States, where he worked premier hotels in San Francisco, Chicago, and Minneapolis before settling in Dallas. Most recently, he served as Executive Chef at the Faculty Club at U.T. Southwestern.

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