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Since the dawn of time, Dallas has been called home by some of the most famous and delicious eateries known to man. It has always been a hot bed of pallet pleasing cuisine, and we at the A-List are fully convinced that this is the reason Dallas residents are so awesome, because we're so well fed. Kathleen's Sky Diner has been filling our bellies with greatness and our souls with joy for eons now. Today Kathleen wants to touch your heart with her beautifully prepared Dinner Entrees at 1/2 the usual cost. 50% OFF is a fantastic bargain for a world alteringly delicious experience. We think so anyway.

Oh, one last thing.  Kathleen's will also be offering our A-Listers :

$4 Well Drinks
$4 Martini's 
$4 House Wines by the Glass!

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