Caring for Your Health in 2022

Did you know that only about 40 percent of Americans make at least one New Year's resolution? If you aren’t sure what to add to your list, improving your health is a great place to start. Using the following tips can help prevent a medical emergency and ward off chronic and viral disease and conditions:

1. Form a Workout Routine You Like

While many people may resolve to add more exercise to their daily lifestyle, they may not actually take the time to form a routine they like. Getting your heart pumping through regular exercise can help improve your overall wellness in many ways — so finding what works for you is essential. 

Maybe that means trying some new workouts such as pilates, weight lifting, yoga or hiking — whatever helps you feel good and feel the burn!

2. Avoid Harmful Habits

Ditch habits like smoking, excessive drinking, and living a sedentary lifestyle in 2022. These habits can lead to chronic conditions such as lung cancer and heart disease — and living a sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic orthopedic and venous issues.

3. Improve Your Diet

January is often a time where our social media are bombarded with dieting and gym advertisements. However, the key to making healthy changes is to choose whole foods and consistently add them into your diet — not subscribing to the newest fab diet. Instead, be sure to choose lean proteins, dark leafy greens, and fresh fruits. Ditch the processed foods, added sugars, and white flour. 

If you have an existing autoimmune condition, now can also be a great time to limit the foods that could cause flare-ups such as gluten.

4. See Your Doctor Regularly

Whether you have existing chronic conditions or not — it’s essential to visit your doctor regularly. Be sure to schedule your annual physical at the beginning of the year, so you’ll never forget to book it! This is also a great time to get your necessary vaccinations such as COVID-19.

5. Know Your Health History

In addition to seeing your doctor regularly, it’s important to know your medical history. This includes your personal health history and your family history. Knowing this information makes it easier for your doctor to track possible conditions.

Non-Emergent & Emergency Medical Care in Dallas

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