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John Pickett, Brandon Martineson, Tom Gile, Dai-Lynn Jackson, Barry Beal, Dr. Keith Mankin, Chairman of the Board, Bryan’s House, Mark Nokyos and Travis Whitten

The CAPTRUST Community Foundation (CCF) announced its donations to 76 charities across the country, totaling $600,000 for the nonprofit’s fourth annual Giving Day. The CCF is CAPTRUST’s 501(c)(3) foundation. The foundation’s mission is to enrich the lives of children in the local communities that CAPTRUST serves. Organizations were chosen by local CAPTRUST offices around the country, representing causes that both benefit children and are important to the respective office. 

“We are honored to support a record number of organizations this year,” said Veronica Karas, the CCF’s co-president and a financial advisor at CAPTRUST. “On the CAPTRUST Community Foundation’s fourth annual Giving Day, we are awarding funds to 76 worthy organizations that align with our foundation’s mission—to benefit the lives of children.”   

The CCF has donated more than $800,000 to nonprofits so far in 2023. Most of the foundation’s fundraising is generated through employee payroll deductions, which are matched by CAPTRUST. 

“The CAPTRUST Community Foundation is grateful that we can provide funds to more organizations each year with its Giving Day,” said Bryan Lewis, co-president of the CCF and manager of advice and wellness at CAPTRUST. “Our annual Giving Day was created as a response to the pandemic, and our dedication to CAPTRUST’s mission ensures it continues into its fourth year and beyond.”

Two CAPTRUST Dallas offices ([Sherry Lane and Dallas Parkway]) pooled their allocated CCF grant funds and donated a combined $15,700 to Bryan’s House, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting at-risk children with special needs in North Texas.  The check was formally presented to Dr. Keith Mankin, Board Chair, Bryan’s House. 

“We are grateful that we can support Bryan’s House with this CCF grant because every child with special needs deserves to thrive.  It is difficult to imagine the daily challenges families face who have a child with chronic medical or developmental needs.  It is our privilege to offer support to help improve their lives,” said Barry Beal, Principal, CAPTRUST Dallas Parkway

In addition to the monetary donation, the CAPTRUST Dallas offices donated a catered lunch to serve all the teachers and staff at Bryan’s House, as well as donating hundreds of school supplies to these vulnerable children to help them stay hopeful and prepared for a brighter future.  

“Supporting the teachers and staff at Bryan’s House with a delicious lunch is just another small way to show we care.  Starting a new school year is an exciting time for some kids, but it can be a difficult transition for others.  We believe that providing school supplies plays a significant role in helping children transition from their out-of-school summer break time to learning time,” said John Pickett, Senior Vice President, CAPTRUST Sherry Lane

"We’re very blessed here at Bryan’s House thanks to the community who fund us.  We only have a small portion of government funding, but the rest comes from wonderful partners like CCF.  We are so grateful to CAPTRUST Dallas for choosing Bryan’s House as a CCF Giving Day 2023 grant recipient. We sincerely appreciate your firm’s generosity and willingness to step in and really focus on a population that sometimes gets forgotten. 100% of the proceeds will support Early Childhood Education programs for children with special needs," said Dr. Keith Mankin, Board Chair, Bryan’s House. 

Separately, the CAPTRUST Dallas office on LBJ Freeway also received a CCF grant benefiting Envision Dallas, a non-profit organization providing opportunities and community in Dallas for children who are blind or visually impaired.  "As a new member of the CAPTRUST family, I am grateful to work for a firm that lives its mission of giving back to support worthy nonprofits in the communities we serve like Envision Dallas and Bryan’s House," said Tom Gile, Principal, CAPTRUST Dallas on LBJ on Freeway.

 About the CAPTRUST Community Foundation 

The CAPTRUST Community Foundation was organized in 2007 to provide CAPTRUST employees with opportunities to participate as a group in community outreach efforts.  The foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charity and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.  If you would like to donate or learn more about the CAPTRUST Community Foundation, please call 855.649.0943.


The link to CCF’s fourth annual Giving Day Press Release is here.

The announcement is also posted on CAPTRUST’s social media. (LinkedIn post)

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About Bryan’s House

The mission of Bryan’s House is to provide children with special needs and their families with trusted case management, educational, therapeutic, and medically-supported care. 


Photos by Danny Campbell 

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