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Glenn Beck, Founder, Mercury One, speaking about the exhibit.

Mercury One & Partners Present a Special Exhibition on Slavery and Freedom through July 7


Mercury One hosted a VIP reception spotlighting a preview of its special exhibition, 12 Score & 3 Years Ago: The Unfinished Promise of Unity. This innovative exhibit, which runs through July 7th at Mercury Studios in Irving, Texas, offers an eye-opening exploration of slavery and freedom, and will equip visitors of all ages to become modern abolitionists.


At 12 Score & 3 Years Ago, visitors will meet unsung African American heroes and journey into their stories and successes. 12 Score — a follow up to last year’s Rights and Responsibilities museum from Mercury One —also features incredible artifacts like original documents from Abraham Lincoln, as well as priceless portraits, artwork, immersive technology and more. A visit to 12 Score concludes with a moving look at slavery today, as millions remain locked in human trafficking around the world.   


At the recent VIP party at Mercury Studios for 12 Score, Mercury One’s executive director, Suzanne Bock Grishman, welcomed guests and introduced COO, Michael Little, who announced exciting, world-class partnerships for 12 Score with The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, the African American Museum of Dallas, the Frontiers of Flight Museum, the Dallas Historical Society, and the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture.


 Mercury One founder Glenn Beck told guests how the exhibit tackles the dilemma of slavery past and present, and probes the founding fathers’ unfinished pledge of freedom in the modern American landscape. Beck, pulling from Lincoln’s opening of the Gettysburg Address, challenged the crowd to take an honest look at democracy: “The question is: as a nation, are we getting better or worse?” said Beck. “We have to learn from our history so we can get better… The day we truly live up to the words of The Declaration of Independence, it’s time for a new mission statement. But that is so hard to do that no man or society has ever come close. We need to strive for that.”


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