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Polly McKeithen and Jana Paul, co-presidents, PCHPS

Polly McKeithen and Jana Paul, co-presidents of the Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society (PCHPS) invites the community to join its members as they landmark four significant homes in the Park Cities on Saturday, December 12, 2020.
Beginning at 10:00 a.m. the first home to be landmarked is located at 3609 Potomac. Then travel to landmark 3320 Dartmouth at 10:30 a.m.,4255 Westway at 11:00 a.m. and 4311 Arcady at 11:30 a.m. Times are approximate. Masks are required.

At each home, Taylor Armstrong, a member of the Landmark Advisory Committee, speaks about each home’s history and gives insight into renovations or improvements, if applicable. If the owners are available, members may have an opportunity to ask questions. This is not a home tour, but an opportunity to meet new members of the community and learn more about its history through personal insights into the homes and families that share a vision of preservation.

According to the Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society, “PCHPS has established three award categories in order to:
* Encourage the preservation of the fabric of the community we treasure.
* Make a statement about the importance of architecture and history in our community.
* Commend a homeowner for their care of a property.
* Raise the visibility of PCHPS in the community.
The three categories are: I. Historic significance. II. Architectural Significance. III. Renovation Excellence.

“While one of the primary purposes of the Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society is to encourage the preservation of the physical infrastructure of our community, it should be noted that any of the three awards has no force of law and does not restrict the use of an owner’s property in any way. It is our hope that through the Award process, we encourage owners to appreciate the value of preservation, and that they will, of their own volition, preserve their properties for future generations.”  

Join the Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society today at and take advantage of benefits like these Landmarking Ceremonies and much more! Membership in PCHPS is open to the public.  Become a member and help preserve and celebrate all the attributes that make the Park Cities an incomparable community from an aesthetic, educational, and personal perspective and to support the mission to preserve and promote the  history, architecture, aesthetics and cultural traditions of the Park Cities. Varying levels of membership are available with different benefits at each level.
Visit  for more information, email  or call  (214) 528 -0021.      

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