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Lone Star Monarchs and Rustic Cuff present Pajamas for Seniors Over $100,000 in Donations of New Pajamas in Support of its Upcoming Easter Event 2022

 It was a beautiful day at the warehouse as Dallas-based Lone Star Monarchs, in collaboration with Jill Donovan, founder of Rustic Cuff, presented Jo Alch, founder of Pajamas for Seniors, with over $101,500+ in donations of cash and new adult pajamas in support of its upcoming Easter Event 2022 benefiting low-income seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living.          

That total included Lone Star Monarchs’ founders Regina Bruce and Dr. Carla Russo presenting a donation of a $5,000 check plus $2,500+ worth of new pajamas, and $94,000+ worth of new pajamas donated by Rustic Cuff.        

Lone Star Monarchs’ volunteers Kimberly Elliott and Jason Spangler drove a moving truck to Rustic Cuff’s location in Tulsa, OK where boxes of pajamas were loaded. They were brought back to Dallas to sort and prepare to surprise Jo Alch and her team with this huge windfall, along with other special surprises, to help these seniors as part of Pajamas for Seniors upcoming Easter plans.          

During the formal presentation, Carla and Regina, along with a team of other Lone Star Monarchs’ volunteers, which included Kimberly Elliott, Jacqueline Griffin, Jeanne Lewis, Kunthear Mam-Douglas, Cynthia Seskes and Cindi Tesseneer, presented the donations to Pajamas for Seniors. In addition, Regina presented Jo with a book Jill Donovan authored entitled “The Kindness Effect,” which Jill personally autographed to Jo.         

As the boxes and boxes of pajamas were loaded into the moving truck, the afternoon concluded with warm hugs and other expressions of gratitude and thanks for the blessings and abundant gifts brought forth by so many generous and kind-hearted people who had come together in support of these low income seniors, who have given so much to the community.          

To learn more about the Lone Star Monarchs, visit the website at and Pajamas for Seniors at 

Lone Star Monarchs Mission:
To inspire and nurture the human spirit, as together, we build an effective network of individuals and organizations to support a broad spectrum of charitable organizations in Dallas and throughout Texas.  Lone Star Monarchs’ purpose is exclusively educational and charitable to connect people and enrich lives. Lone Star Monarchs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.   FB @LoneStarMonarchs IG @lonestarmonarchs/

Pajamas for Seniors Mission:
We believe that ALL seniors deserve to be loved and recognized as valuable contributors to our society. They have helped raise us. They have been our teachers, our neighbors and our cherished family members. Our mission at Pajamas for Seniors is to return that love and kindness one pajama at a time. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit serving DFW. With your support, we can make a difference!
FB @pajamasforseniors  IG @pajamasforseniorsdfw

About Rustic Cuff:
What feels like the end is often the beginning. Jill Donovan’s need for a creative outlet and her lifelong obsession with cuff bracelets turned into more than she ever dreamed. An opportunity landed her on the Oprah show where her practice of regifting was challenged by etiquette experts. Jill turned tragedy into triumph and taught herself to make cuffs to gift instead.  Jill gave them to friends, family, and some celebrities.
In March 2015, a Rustic Cuff bracelet that Jill had given to Gayle King was worn by Oprah herself on the cover of her O, The Oprah Magazine®. A regift from Gayle to Oprah? In November 2016, the Rustic Cuff Dallas 1/2” Metallic Stingray was named as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2016. For Jill, these are both the best full-circle moments!
Today, Jill’s inspiration comes from being mom to Ireland and August, AKA Peanut. She attributes the brand’s success to her amazingly loyal friends from all across the country. Known for her big heart and generous spirit, Jill strives to inspire these traits in others and loves hearing new stories from women who are moved to gift the cuff off of their own wrists. For Jill, it’s not about the bracelet, but the connection that is made between two people, often strangers, in that moment. Spontaneous moments. Full of hope and love, tears and laughter. The birth of Rustic Cuff may have stemmed from regifting gone wrong. But the ripple effect is regifting gone right.

Photos by Danny Campbell

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