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Cutter Frisco: Growing Up on the Original Southfork Ranch

  Looking for a wonderful summer read? Check out Cutter Frisco: Growing up on the Original Southfork Ranch, a memoir by Doug Box.

          “This is perfect reality summer reading,” Doug said. “It reveals the real story, the untold tale of what life was really like on the Box Ranch (known today as the Brinkmann Ranch).”  In anecdotes both sweet and bitter, the youngest Box son remembers what it was like to grow up as a member of Texas royalty; if Frisco had a “first family,” the Boxes were it.

          Doug’s father was the storied patriarch and entrepreneur Cloyce K. Box, thought by many to be the inspiration for Dallas’ J. R. Ewing. Doug’s was a one-of-a-kind childhood replete with professional athletes, television crews, celebrities, Miss America pageants, and all the glitz and glamour of southern grandeur. The house caught fire in 1987 and was being rebuilt in 1993, when Cloyce suffered the heart attack that killed him. The partially rebuilt house’s steel frame stands today as it was then, at the northeast intersection of Main Street and Preston Road in Frisco.

          Ultimately, a downturn in the Texas economy would come back to haunt the Box family, leading to the eventual sale of Doug’s beloved horse, Cutter Frisco, and ultimately the ranch itself.

           Cutter Frisco is a powerful retelling of the end of an era, with 40 photographs and a eulogy written by Frank Gifford, which he read at Cloyce’s funeral.   Kathy Lee Gifford also sang a solo of "He Giveth Me Grace."  In this book, Doug beautifully captures those early years of magnificence and magic- albeit a magnificence and magic not meant to last. 

          The book is available for purchase through the website at, and and also for download through the ibooks app,’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

About Doug Box:

Doug is a North Dallas resident, went to grade school at Walnut Hill Elementary and later, graduated from Greenhill. Received an MBA with honors from Baylor in 2004 and  Masters in Dispute Resolution from SMU in 2011. He also holds the Certificate in Family Business Advising from the Family Firm Institute, which he completed in 2011. His business is Box Family Advisors:

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